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Only a small percentage of the worlds population has the genetic predisposition to enjoy a hyper-accurate palate memory!


The South African Wine Tasting Championships (SAWTC) convened by “The Flying Sommelier” Jean-Vincent Ridon is offering any wine enthusiast, amateur and professional alike, with the opportunity to put your tasting talent to the test at the TOPS at SPAR Wine Show in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town in 2019.


Competitors need to register at the SAWTC stand in each location before stepping up to taste up to 30 shortlisted wines on show at Thursday, Friday OR Saturday sessions.


SAWTC regional competitions take place on the Saturday evening in each location where participants will be required to identify 6 wines “blind” from the shortlisted SAWTC selection.


Winners from Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town will be invited to participate in the national SAWTC final to be staged in Cape Town in late July 2019.  Finalists will be selected to join “Team South Africa” to travel to France to compete in The World Blind Wine Tasting Championships in October 2019.


23 countries participated in the World Blind Tasting Championships in 2018 held at Chateau Saint Pierre de Serjac.  The World Blind Tasting Championships have been organised by La Revue du Vin France since 2013.


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