Terms and Conditions

Purchase Of Exclusive Food And Wine Pairing Tickets
WINESHOW agrees to sell exclusive food and wine pairing Tickets (“Tickets”) in respect of the wine festival EVENT described herein (“the EVENT”) to the client
specified on the WINESHOW booking form (“the Buyer”). The Buyer agrees to purchase the above as per the sales proposal presented by WINESHOW to the
Buyer on the following terms and conditions, which shall apply to all Hospitality and Ticket Sales.

Payment Of Purchase Price
The Buyer understands that by signing the WINESHOW booking form, he/she is liable to pay in full for Hospitality and/or Tickets as set out therein (“the Purchase
Price”). The Buyer agrees to pay WINESHOW 100% of the Purchase Price within 7 days of signature on the WINESHOW booking form. Hospitality and/
or Tickets requested by the Buyer shall be allocated to the Buyer once the WINESHOW booking form together with the above payment has been received by
WINESHOW. The Buyer shall receive the Hospitality passes and /or Tickets from WINESHOW in electronic format from WINESHOW or their appointed agent
prior to the EVENT.

Transfer Of Hospitality Packages
The Buyer acknowledges that he/she shall be specifically prohibited from reselling Hospitality and/or Tickets without the prior written approval of WINESHOW.
Any contravention of the above shall put the bearer of such Hospitality and/or Tickets at risk of being denied access to the EVENT’s facility.
Cancellation Or Postponement Of The Event
Should the EVENT be cancelled or postponed for any reason whatsoever, including Acts of God and/or death of a statesperson/former statesperson, the
Buyer agrees that WINESHOW may retain the full purchase price provided that WINESHOW will (at their sole discretion) agree to make such tickets valid for an
allocated new date on which date the EVENT shall take place.

General Terms And Conditions
Whilst every effort will be made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on the website or in the sales brochure, such information is subject to alteration
at any time without prior notice, WINESHOW shall not be held liable for any inaccuracies on any websites or brochures supplied by it and WINESHOW
shall not be held liable for any damages or loss arising out of such inaccurate information. The Buyer is prohibited from advertising Hospitality and/or Tickets
through any medium for his/her own financial gain or acquire any form of commercial exposure which would otherwise misrepresent or give a false impression
to the general public that the Buyer is in any way associated with WINESHOW or the EVENT, unless otherwise agreed by WINESHOW in writing, and the
decision is within WINESHOW’s sole and absolute discretion. WINESHOW shall be entitled to charge interest, from time to time, on all overdue amounts at
the rate of 1.5% above the prime rate quoted by ABSA Bank Limited per month, calculated from due date to date of payment. WINESHOW shall be entitled,
but not obliged, to institute proceedings against the Buyer (for recovery of monies due) out of the Magistrate’s Court; notwithstand¬ing the amount owing
exceeds the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court. The Buyer agrees to be liable to WINESHOW for all legal costs on the attorney and own client scale. A certificate
signed by the director or manager of WINESHOW reflecting the amount of the Buyer’s indebtness to it, including the amount of interest accrued thereon
shall be prima facie proof of the contents and correctness thereof. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and no variation or
amendments to any term or condition hereof shall be valid or binding on WINESHOW unless reduced to writing and signed by an authorised representative of
WINESHOW. The address inserted on the Booking form used by the Buyer when purchasing Hospitality and/or Tickets shall be the domicilium address nominated
by the Buyer in terms of this agreement for the purpose of serving legal notices.

WINESHOW, its employees, officers, agents and/or invitees shall under no circumstances be held liable for any damages or loss suffered by the Buyer or any
third party bearer of Hospitality or Ticket sold to the Buyer, arising from any act or omission by WINESHOW, its employees, officers, agents and/or invitees and
the Buyer hereby irrevocably indemnities WINESHOW against such claims.

Refund Policy
The Buyer understands and agrees, that in the case of requesting a refund against tickets purchased in full, that WINESHOW reserves the right not to issue any
refund against the purchase price, nor to authorise any transfer/cession of such tickets. Such reservation shall be at the sole discretion of WINESHOW whose
decision shall be complete and binding.



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