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Dear Wine Producers, 

We are pleased to release the highly anticipated findings of the inaugural Great BIG Wine Survey, brought to you by Hollard Insure, to the South African Wine Industry.

In June 2020 with the input of key wine industry stakeholders, our TOPS at SPAR Wine Show team embarked on an ambitious mission to launch South Africa’s largest-ever consumer wine survey.

An intensive 3-month web-based campaign ensued, targeting the South African wine-drinking public via a vast array of engaging digital marketing collateral and communications. Nearly 21,000 participants who undertook the 100 questions plus survey, taking on average 30 minutes to complete, were incentivized with the added bonus of a complimentary online wine course facilitated by one of South Africa’s most celebrated wine educators – Cathy Marston.

The North West University’s TREES (Tourism Research in Economics, Environs and Society) research unit provided much-needed assistance in collating initial results but the investment into the translation of this valuable data set into actionable insights did not stop there.

We were delighted to secure the support of KLA, one of SA’s largest independent consumer research agencies, and Wine Business Solutions, a Sydney based global wine business intelligence and advisory company. Through the collaboration with KLA and Wine Business Solutions, we were able to fully interrogate the Great BIG Wine Survey dataset and provide far more focused and in-depth analysis along with much needed practical recommendations.

The collaboration between the TOPS at SPAR Wine Show, KLA and Wine Business Solutions marks a huge development and ongoing opportunity for the SA wine industry. It means that local wine producers, resellers and representative organisations can now leverage a level of consumer insight that has not previously been available.

Finally, we extend a huge thanks to our Presenting Partner Hollard Insure. They have partnered with us to provide the much-needed financial support to help meet some of the direct costs associated with the research study. Hollard Insure’s investment in the Great BIG Wine Survey not only demonstrates their ongoing commitment to business improvement within the South African wine industry but also their overarching company purpose of “securing a better future for all”.

The domestic wine audience has never been more important to South African wine producers and to this end we sincerely hope that the findings and recommendations contained within this report will equip you to make more informed decisions moving forward amidst these uncertain times.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Douglas

Producer – TOPS at SPAR Wine Show

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