Wine Specials

As part of our commitment to helping the #save2021 wine industry initiative, which is focused on keeping the wine industry afloat, TOPS at SPAR Wine Show has scoured the best wine deals from your favourite wine farms. To take advantage of these toast-worthy deals, orders can be placed online. See? Everybody wins! Current Wine Specials: […]

Keep the fun, lose the headache with Wine Aid

Just about every beverage on the market today contains preservatives to keep it from spoiling. These preservatives typically contain sulphites that may result in a wide range of adverse health effects. In South Africa, sulphite sensitivities have been found to frequently and adversely affect up to 40% of wine drinkers. Wine Aid, manufactured in South […]

The revival of Rosé brings a blush to anyone’s cheeks

SOMMELIER, MIGUEL CHAN’S ROSÉ TOP 5 Ashbourne by Hamilton Russell Family Swartland Cinsault Rosé 2019 Holden Manz Franschhoek Rosé 2019 Klein Constantia Estate Constantia Cuvée Anabel Rosé Magnum 2019 L’Ormarins Franschhoek Jean Roi Rosé 2018 Simonsig Stellenbosch Chenin Blanc Pinotage 2019 Rosé is gaining interest worldwide, with South Africa hot on the heels of this […]

Fried Chicken and Bubbles? It’s a YES from us!

South Africans LOVE crispy fried chicken! But have you ever tried pairing it with MCC? Forget oysters and caviar, it’s time to bypass the cliché and snobbish pairings we’re all somewhat reluctant to try!   Here’s our Top 3 reasons why you need to try this (unusual!) combination. 1. Scientifically speaking… We know it sounds like an odd combination, too good to be […]

5 Great Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

We’re currently struggling to tell the difference between a weekday and the weekends in lockdown. But we are here to remind you that Father’s Day is coming up on 21 June, and with the COVID-19 alcohol ban recently being lifted what more could Dad want than to celebrate with a nice bottle of wine! What to get your old […]

Share the Magic of Chenin

Why? Not that we think you need convincing, but there are many reasons to make a crisp Chenin your vino of choice… these are a few of our favourite qualities:  It is one of the few wines made in a variety of different styles, which means you can choose a different Chenin for each course of your meal: […]