Fried Chicken and Bubbles? It’s a YES from us!

South Africans LOVE crispy fried chicken! But have you ever tried pairing it with MCC? Forget oysters and caviar, it’s time to bypass the cliché and snobbish pairings we’re all somewhat reluctant to try!  

Here’s our Top 3 reasons why you need to try this (unusual!) combination.

1. Scientifically speaking...

We know it sounds like an odd combinationtoo good to be true even, but from a scientific perspective it’s perfect pairMCC’s are made through a process of autolysis (aged on the dead yeast leftover from the fermentation process) which leaves “bready” smells and flavours. If this isn’t a match made in heaven with the breadcrumb coating of fried chicken – then we don’t know what is! 

In addition to the smell and flavour match, the natural acidity of MCC also perfectly cuts through the greasiness of the chicken, and those iconic bubbles amplify the crunchy effects of the skin whilst cleansing your palate between bites.  

2. It’s a growing trend!

Pairing this unlikely combo stems from the South of the United States. It isn’t something new, however, it does seem to be gaining a lot of traction. From fried chicken and sparkling wine food trucks in Arizona to a restaurant called Birds and Bubbly in New Yorkthere are places completely dedicated to sharing this magical pairing experience. There’s no reason for us to get left behind! 

3. Destroy the stereotypes!

The wine industry has long endured its fair share of “wine snobbery”. In addition to the classic view on sparkling wine being something that can only be celebrated with caviar, oysters and fruity crepes, we feel crispy, golden fried chicken is a refreshing change to what’s usually expected 

Why not try this unusual pairing out for yourself next time youre in the mood for takeout?  

We’ve put together our top MCC suggestions to accompany your choice of golden crunch! Our favourite is SPAR’s Chikka Chicken: 

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