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We don’t know about you, but one of the first wines we chose  to celebrate with when the COVID-19 alcohol ban was lifted, was a glass of Proudly South African Chenin Blanc. 

Why? Not that we think you need convincing, but there are many reasons to make a crisp Chenin your vino of choice… these are a few of our favourite qualities: 

It is one of the few wines made in a variety of different styles, which means you can choose a different Chenin for each course of your meal:

  • Lighter, fresh and fruity Chenin – goes well with salads or vegetarian starters
  • Riper, rich Chenin (with barrel fermentation)  – can be enjoyed with creamy chicken and fish dishes for your main course  
  • Sweeter styles of Chenin – perfect for those who have a sweet tooth, pairs well with  desserts or strong flavoured cheeses 

And if you still have any doubt, this will pop the cork on Chenin Blanc for you – this enormously versatile varietal is also available as a bubbly! If we are honest, this is one of our favourite ways to #DrinkChenin…sipping on a chilled perfectly matured Chenin Blanc MCC while tucking into a ripe Brie or Camembert. Life truly could not get better than that! 

Chenin’s reputation for having a big personality is with good reason – South Africa is the largest producer of Chenin Blanc in the world, even beating its country of origin, France! Local producers have frequently won accolades on an international level for their wines. 

If you still need a reason to give Chenin a try, join the International #DrinkChenin Day celebration and raise a glass of Chenin on 20 June! Why not give some of our Top 10 Chenin Blancs a try so that you can make an informed choice about which Chenin you will be sharing when you stock up on your favourite. 


In celebration of #DrinkChenin Day, we have partnered with the Chenin Blanc Association of South Africa to bring you an exciting competition whereby Chenin lovers – or Chenin newbies – can stand a chance to win a case of Proudly South African Chenin Blanc! Keep an eye on our Facebook page to enter!

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