The TOPS at SPAR Wine Show’s #DrinkSmart programme promotes responsible alcohol consumption and safe driving practices to all TOPS at SPAR Wine Show guests at every event. The programme also endeavours to create awareness around the various effects of alcohol over-consumption, and the risks involved.


A number of safe, convenient and affordable choices have been implemented by the TOPS at SPAR Wine Show at each of its events, allowing guests to “Drink wine but stay fine!”




TOPS at SPAR’s ground-breaking smartphone app DRYVER allows you to connect with your friends when out on the town to get home safely. For more information click here.



South Africa’s premier “Chauffeur Drive” service and our #DrinkSmart founding partners, will provide members and non-members with the option to “take the smart way home!”. They will be at each show to transport our visitors home in the comfort of their own vehicles, free of charge! For more information click here.



The DRINK to DRINK when you DRINK. People all over the world can now kiss their boozing blues goodbye. A tasteful and fun-filled health boosting tonic containing many effective natural herbs, spices and mellow natural sweeteners, Jiguja relieves hangover symptoms effectively and also provides many other collateral benefits to your health.
If you want to party harder naturally, or just need to get rid of that hangover, Jiguja is the drink to have on hand. For more information click here.


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